Residential Units
Are you interested in living at Coeur d'Alene North? Use the links below to view units for rent and for sale. The listings are provided for contact information purposes only. The CdA Property Manager does not show any units to potential buyers or interested renters. The unit owners or their agents are responsible for providing information regarding these listings.
Units may be leased for a minimum of one month.  Article 8.6 of the CdA North CC&Rs states in part "No residential Unit shall be rented on a daily or weekly basis under a hotel or transient purpose.  Furnished Residential Units may be leased for not less than one (1) month. Unfurnished Residential Units may be leased for not less than six (6) months."
An owner and renter of a unit must enter into a rental agreement prior to renter's occupancy that complies with the CC&Rs and Rules of the Association. Not knowing the rules is an unacceptable excuse for renters that do not comply with the rules. Violations may result in fines and the loss of privileges for both the unit owner and renter.
/CdA North Condos for Lease 
CdA North Condos for Sale